Here’s a live liquid culture of WLP675 to start Malolactic fermentation (MLF) in your wine.  MLF is a process used in winemaking to make wines with lower acidity and to reduce the sulfur dioxide in the fermentation.  It softens red wines and gives the “buttery” like flavor often found in Chardonnay.  During MLF,  tart-tasting malic acid, naturally present in grape must is converted to softer tasting lactic acid. MLF is usually performed as a secondary fermentation shortly after the end of the primary fermentation. The process is standard for most red wine production and common for some white grape varieties such as Chardonnay. Malo-lactic conversion is generally completed within 1-3 months.

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MLF is especially useful in smoothing and balancing high acid grape wines like Cabernet Sauvingnon  and Muscadine.  MLF will cut down the acid and reduce that ‘varnish’ aroma, making the wine drinkable years earlier.  With MLF you can turn a good wine into a great wine! 
Malolactic fermentation tends to create a rounder, fuller mouthfeel. Malic acid is typically associated with the taste of green apples, while lactic acid is richer and more buttery tasting.  Malolactic fermentation generally enhances the body and flavor persistence of wine, producing wines of greater palate softness. Many winemakers also feel that better integration of fruit and oak character can be achieved if malolactic fermentation occurs during the time the wine is in barrel.

Can be added to juice any time after the onset of yeast fermentation when sulfur dioxide is less than 15 ppm. Use at temperatures greater than 55 deg F.

Contains a live liquid suspension of Oenococcus oenii grown in a sterile organic juice based nutrient medium. Malic acid reduction will balance and soften wine while enhancing flavor and aroma characteristics including vanilla and buttery notes. Provides a rapid and complete malic acid reduction in wine over a broad spectrum of conditions. An excellent choice for red wines, has been isolated for it’s tolerance to low pH conditions and selected for tolerance to low cellar temperatures.

Usage: The Malo-lactic Culture packages contain 125 ml of slurry. This provides the inoculation rate recommended by and for professional vintners for 5 gallons of wine. These cultures will convert malic acid to lactic acid over a broad temperature range (55-90°F). The Malo-lactic cultures will also perform over a broad spectrum of pH conditions. Inoculate wine that has completed or nearly completed alcoholic fermentation. Free SO2 levels should be less than 15 ppm. Basic instructions for the proper use of Malo-lactic packages: Shake package well, sanitize, and open. Add contents to 5 gallons of wine. Adjust to desired cellaring temperature. Monitor Malic Acid conversion monthly with paper chromatography or other methods. Best if Used by: This package is best when used within 6 months of the manufacturer’s date when stored between 34-40°F (1-4°C). Older malo-lactic cultures that have been exposed to higher or lower temperatures may perform slowly.

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