LARGE SHRINK CAPS 25 COBALT BLUE PVC Heat Shrink Capsules for Wine Vinegar and Oil Bottles


Here’s a lot of 25 LARGE SIZE matt finish cobalt blue metallic looking shrink capsules to add a classic and professional finishing touch to your home bottling project.  What an amazing color when we introduced these to eBay they started selling immediately and we are getting not only just positive feedback but positive emailed comments on their classic look.  These are first quality capsules identical to the ones used in commercial wineries in Napa Valley.  They will shrink to fit all LARGE LIP LARGE SIZE 375ml, 750ml, & 1500ml wine bottles.  They are a HUGE 32X60 mm size that fits bottles too large for regular 30×60 caps.  These capsules are made for bottles with the thick necks and wide lips that regular shrink capsules do not fit.  Fits most 1 Liter Wine Bottles as well as Bellissima.  We ship these in a box not a padded bag to minimize crushing. These are also available in lots of 25, 100, 500 or even 1000 and up!

NOTE:  These are capsules for bottles with a LARGE LIP.  These are NOT the capsules you need for standard wine bottles.  We offer many more colors in the standard size.  You can search “shrink” to see them all, or “large shrink” to see all the larger sizes.


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All you do is slip the capsule on and heat.  You can use a commercial capsuler to shrink them on or find internet instructions on how to hold the bottle with a gloved hand, hold the capsule in place with a fork or bent wire with the other hand while you carefully dip bottle tip and cap into hot water for a second or two.  The capsules shrink closely to the form of the bottle just like the ones at the winery!  Any wrinkles will be smoothed out by the stretch.  Caution hot water can cause burns, you may prefer the slower hair dryer method.

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