Island Mist RASPBERRY DRAGONFRUIT Wine Kit HAR013 by WinExpert


This blush wine has been given some fire of excitement with the addition of sweet dragonfruit then gently splashed with tangy cool raspberries. Light the grill and sear some spicy shrimp skewers, or prepare some Thai green curry cuisine for a night of fire and flare.    Ready to drink in only four weeks, now is the right time to start your Island Mist, so you can be ready for the summer sipping season! Your friends will love it!



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  • Kit contains 6 liters of juice and makes 6 gallons with easy to follow instructions
  • Sweet Dragonfruit splashed with ripe raspberries.  Particularly unique on the first sip and leaves you wanting more
  •  Sweetness: Sweet Body: Light  Oak: None  Alcohol: 6%
  • Ready to bottle in 4 weeks
  • Product of Canada

Island Mist Premium Fruit Flavored Wine Kits are a combination of natural fruit flavoring & concentrate which produce a light alcohol (6% – 7.5%) drink that is lighter and more fruity than table wines. These kits contain 6 liters of juice packaged in an aseptic, nitrogen purged juice bag.

Each wine kit contains concentrated juice plus all of the necessary ingredients to make the specified amount of wine. The ingredients typically include yeast, bentonite, potassium metabisulfite, potassium sorbate and a fining agent. Some kits may also contain oak, ederberries, currants, other ingredients specific to the wine kit and/or a flavoring pack.  Does not include winemaking equipment or hardware.

If you’re a fan of the Island Mist Series kits but like your wines a little bit stronger, consider “bumping” them with 1 pound of corn sugar and 1 liter of grape concentrate.  “Boosting” Guide: The boosting of an Island Mist series kit is easy and brings the alcohol content to approx 9.5-10%. Simply adding corn sugar alone will boost the alcohol of your kit without adding body or mouthfeel to support this increase. Doing this will leave your wine tasting “hot” and unbalanced. The addition of white or red grape concentrate leaves your wine with more balance and produces a more enjoyable end product. Both the 1 lb corn sugar and 1 liter of grape concentrate should be mixed in stage 1 after adding your main juice pack and before topping up to the 6 gallon mark with water.

Winexpert operates like a “functional winery” – combining the traditional art of blending for consistency balanced with leading process technology to make the best winemaking products in the industry. This ensures that our wines are delicious and well-balanced, and it explains why wines made with Winexpert kits consistently win the most awards and medals in the North America’s largest amateur winemaking competitions. In fact, they win medals even when competing with wines made from fresh grapes.

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