HOP PLANTS CASCADE In a pot, ready to tranplant (Seasonal Availability grown by us from Rhizomes April 15th 2023 last frost date


This offer is for one live Cascade variety hop plant, subject to seasonal availability.  Early in the season we may only have hop rhizomes which are $2 less. 4.5-7% AA – Grows well in all climates.

If one hop addition changed the world it was Cascade.  This is the hop that built the Craft Beer Movement in the United States.  Its unique pine needle, grapefruit and floral aromas were like nothing ever seen out of Europe.  The bold aroma and flavor of Cascade became the battle flag of American Craft Brewing.  The floral aroma of this variety are notable in many commercial beers.  Used bittering and it’s excellent aromas. Suitable for use in a wide range from Pale Ale to Lager to Stout.  Possible substitutes are Cluster, Galena, and Northern Brewer.

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CASCADE:  Cascade hops are the signature hop for American Pale Ales.  Cascade has a pleasant flowery, spicy, citrus-like quality with a slightly grapefruit characteristic. The hop is good for both flavor and aroma uses. It can also be used for bittering effectively, and can be used to make any beer, ale, and some lagers.  Think lawnmowers!  Cascade originated in 1956 from an open seed collection that included an English Fuggle, a Russian Serebrianker, and an unknown male.  Well balanced, Beta 5.5 Alpha 6.3

Cascade has become overwhelmingly popular among brewers. It has an unmistakable citrus grapefruit aroma that makes it one of the easiest hops to recognize. Cascade is the aroma hop used in: Anchor’s Liberty Ale, Sierra’s Nevada Pale Ale, and almost every other West Coast Ale.

Hop rhizomes and growing accessories are now available for pre-order! We’ll be fulfilling orders as soon as they’re available, usually in early to mid April. Pre-orders will ship out immediately, so order now to ensure availability and lock in priority fulfillment!

Plants should not be planted until the Last Frost Date in your area.  You may still need to cover in the case of the 30% chance of frost after LFD.  Rhizomes should be planted immediately for best results. If your area is still experiencing frost then you can plant them in a planter indoors until it is safe to transplant outside. The first years crop will generally be smaller than subsequent years. Since these are live plants, we cannot guarantee they will grow, so we recommend buying two of each type to help ensure their success.

Shipping Restrictions:  Due to agricultural restrictions, we can only ship rhizomes to addresses that are in the United States, excepting Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, and the counties of Bonner and Kootenai in Idaho. Unfortunately, we cannot ship live plants to international locations including APO/FPO addresses.



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