HOP AND PLUNGE Toilet Plunger


The hop and plunge is the solution to those really big ones that just won’t go down.  When the regular plunger is not up to the task, call on the Hop and Plunge!  Simply place the device in the toilet bowl and mount up…  Hopping up and down will almost always free the blockage and save the price of a plumber.

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Although a very creative use of a Pogo Stick, this is an Easter Egg item, an internet meme.  We have 0 inventory on this item and no firm date for restock.  You may find odd things like this on our site from time to time.  Cheers!  I have no doubt that it would work but what company could afford the liability insurance?  

Additional information

Weight 340 oz
Dimensions 36 × 8 × 8 in


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