GOLD CROWNS 144PK : Crown Bottle Caps (Pack of 144) FOR SODA OR BEER


Here’s a factory sealed bag of 144 BRAND NEW Gold Crown uncrimped Bottle Caps to cap off standard USA type 26.5mm non-twist off soda and beer bottles.  This is the standard size crown for the United States and will fit almost all beer and soda bottles made for the US market.

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If you want these for arts and crafts they are perfect for that but keep in mind they are uncrimped and the edges do not point straight down.  These are working caps for bottlers and many will not be flawless.  The caps are in contact with each other’s sharp edges and some will have microscopic scratches or pricks.  These are sold to properly cap and seal a bottle.

These are counted by weight with the target 144 and each package will contain between 143 and 146 caps with 144 and 145 being the most common number found.  They are unmarked and don’t say anything stupid on them like “twist off”.  My rant:  I bought some cheap caps here on eBay a few years ago from a guy who sold his homebrew store and the new buyers didn’t want all his extensive inventory.  I now know that was a euphemism for “warehouse full of unsellable junk” because every single cap said “TWIST OFF” and my friends hurt their hands on them.  This guy said nothing about what the caps said on them and the photos are just bad enough that you can’t make it out.  He is still selling them off over on eBay…  Our caps are brand new got in last month from LDC and not 15 or 20 years old!

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