HOME BEERMAKING The Complete Beginner’s Guidebook by William Moore


This is a clear concise introduction to extract home brewing.  Perfect book for the beginner. Enough detail and information to get you started. Not too long, not too short, not too wordy.  Perfect.  Maybe one could write a longer tome on the subject but it would just get complicated. If you read this book, you will have good basic knowledge to use your home brewing kit and knock out a good product.  Anything else you need to know, you’ll learn in the process. Also, it’s well indexed so you can look things up easily.   Includes twelve recipes, for everything from IPA to Black Cherry Ale, are included. New recipes for 2019 include Hazy IPA. This book keeps it simple, with a focus on basic brewing knowledge and making a great batch the first time. Highly recommended for the beginner. 71 pages.


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Moore, William. All new 5th edition for 2019. If you are a beginner, Home Beermaking is highly recommended. On malt extract brewing exclusively, Home Beermaking includes information on basic brewing theory as well as detailed, step-by-step brewing instructions. A chapter on recipe formulation, and basic brewing refinements is included when you want to go beyond the included recipes.

This is a good read for someone who wants to get the lingo of homebrewing down and learn a bit about the history/process of brewing. It does a good job describing the different types of beer and how they are brewed.

Bill Moore started brewing beer with a friend in his last year at U.C. Berkeley out of curiosity after going to Wine and the People, a store with a very Berkeley name.  He saw that they had strange things like drums of malt extract dispensing malt extract by the pound, British books on making beer, dry yeast, a grain mill, and a selection of hops in both compressed whole and pellet form. The store looked a little like your typical hippie health food store of the day, but there was an energetic feel to the place.  Bill remembers naively asking one of the bearded employees who looked a bit like Jerry Garcia if it was possible to make better beer at home than I could buy (thinking it probably was not), his eyes lit up and he said something like ‘Of course, easily!’ After walking out with our first batch of ingredients,  we went to work.

Bill was already working as a writer and when home brewing was legalized 1n 1978 he wrote and published this book, now in the 5th edition.  He went on to supply beer equipment kits online and continues to this day through his homebrew store, Williams Brewing in San Leandro, California.


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