Although technically these are called flip-top, swing-top, or lightning toggles, everyone knows them as GROLSCH CAPS.  This is a pack of 6 replacement swing tops for Grolsch, EZ Cap, Beugel and other brand flipper bottles with the ear hole 1″ below the lip.  Bail and brace design works well for pressurized bubbly carbonated beverages like beer, soda, and shrub.  These have rust-resistant galvanized steel wire bails, white nylon stoppers, and a red rubber gasket pretty much as originally designed by Charles de Quillfeldt in 1875.  Spare gaskets are available, check my other items.  Now shipping the superior Made in Canada version with heavier wire.

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We guarantee these will fit any common bottle with 1″ gasket and holes 1″ below the mouth or you can return within two weeks.  If you have the Italian or Chinese bottles from the dollar store save yourself some time these will not usually fit.  Measure!  If your ear holes are 1″ below the lip of the bottle they will fit.

Instructions:  To put on bottle have curved bail lever on one side of neck and the swing cap on the other. Put one wire prong in one hole and slide the other prong along the glass towards the other hole until it clicks in. If there are square pads for the holes, try sliding down from the top.  Note that there is a right way and a wrong way.  The white cap should be free to swing over the mouth of the bottle and then be pulled down tight by the lever (bail).  If it is not, either flip the curved lever to the other side of the bottle or reverse the wire in the ears so that it is on the other side of the bottle.

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