HEAT BELT ELECTRIC FERMENTATION BREW BUCKET HEATER Green Heavy Weight 40″ For Homebrew Beer and Winemaking


Here’s a handy brewing gadget that will raise the temperature of your primary fermentation bucket about 10 degrees above room temperature.  Instead of having to raise the temperature of the room or find a warm spot, just lasso a bucket up to 40″ with the belt, clamp it on and plug it in!  The temperature will be perfectly maintained for a rapid and complete fermentation.  Most air-conditioned homes are too cool, and the Belt is the perfect solution when you need a little extra heat to keep your fermentation warm and going.  Typically this heater belt will maintain a temperature of 75-80° F (23-27°C).  You can regulate the temperature to some extent by lowering or raising the belt’s position on the bucket.  Lower is warmer, higher is cooler.  This is a green heavy weight durable clamping belt that is physically 20% heavier than the blue ones we sampled.

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This device is a Henry and Sunati HS-Y17 coated wire heating element which forms a lasso that can be drawn tightly around the fermenting vessel and then clamped into position.  Slip the belt over the bucket, pull tight, and plug it in!  The Brew Belt is not thermostatically controlled but you can raise or lower the temperature of the bucket by adjusting the height at which the Brew Belt sits around the fermenting vessel. The lower the belt, the more heat will be applied to the fermenting liquid. It is quite safe when attended and can be used for up to 8 days or until the primary fermentation process is complete.  Has a safe high quality molded polarized black plug and wire.  120V AC 20W Certification is ETL Intertek LPC 882385.

The instructions say this unit is not designed for wet areas, glass carboys, or to be immersed in liquid.  The bucket, lid, airlock and blue belt shown are for demonstration purposes and are NOT included.  

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 1 in


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