GERMAN RED X Uncrushed RED MALT From BEST MALZ 5lb Intense Red Beer Color


Red X malt is specially created for brewing red-tinted beers. You can use BEST Red X for up to 100% of your grain bill, no other malt is required. Unique German malt with properties of both Munich and Crystal malts. If used at 100% of the grist, it creates a beer with an intense red color. Contributes a rich malty Munich-like complexity.

Offering exceptional reliability and optimal processability, BEST MALZ Red X can be employed to brew consistently fiery beers with intense reddish hues. Its full-bodied flavor and attractive, unique color coupled with easy handling in the brewery, make BEST Red X the best choice for creating a broad range of new beers, such as red-tinted wheat beers.  Aside from the color this is very much like a mix of Munich and Crystal malts.

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Use Basemalt for all red beers. Perfectly suited for amber beer, wheat beer, altbier, ale, dark beer as well as for other beers. Rated for up to 100% of the grainbill (recommended for red beers).  The process by which Red X is produced is proprietary and a secret.  It is believed to contain Munich, Melanoidin and maybe a Caramel, but  BestMalz says not.

  • 10 lb Bag of Malt
  • Unmilled Grains
  • Base malt from Germany



  • 28 – 32 Lovibond
  • Usage: 100% Max
  • Color Range °L : 11 – 13
  • Target Color °L : 12
  • Moisture % : 6
  • Protein Total % : 12
  • Extract FG Dry : 79
  • Max Usage Rate % : 100
  • Organic : No
  • Origin : Europe
  • Geography : Germany
  • Size (Lbs) : 10
  • Maltster : BESTMALZ

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