FULL COUPLER 1/2″ /// BSP /// 304 Stainless Steel Problem Solver – BSPP Withworth thread does not fit most things!


Only get this item if you know you need BSPP British Withworth Threads.  These couplers have different pitch threads than our standard NPT.  A full coupler connects small bore pipes with BSPP threaded ends.  BSP stands for British Standard Pipe and is common in Australia and the commonwealth countries.  Commonly found on European wine and coffee equipment.  They are often mistaken as metric threads. It is based on trade size rather than actual diameter which can lead to some confusion when measuring ports.   The second P in BSPP stands for parallel, as there are two types.  The other type is BSPT which  is Tapered and rare to find.

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Sir Joseph Whitworth proposed this thread in 1841 as a solution to compatibility issues between manufacturers. This was the first standardized thread form.  If you try to screw this in to NPT (William Sellers 1864) it will go ok for about 3/8″ then stop.  It is just a bit too small for a nipple shank. Currently designated as “G” and defined in ISO-228.

Trade Size Threads per inch Pitch Major Diameter Minor Diameter Gage Length
Inch mm Inch mm Inch Mm Inch mm
1/2 14 0.0714 1.814 0.825 20.955 0.7336 18.633 0.3214 8.164


  • Resistance against corrosion and rust as this forged full coupling is made of stainless steel SS304 material.
  • Higher quality as it has higher strength to withstand higher pressure. Fitting is molded using compressive force and high heat and pressure. The grain size will be more refined resulting in higher strength and resistance to external impacts.
  • Excellent performance in high pressure application as it has a working pressure up to 3000 PSI. Ideal for application where high pressure or extremely corrosive conditions exist.
  • BSPP female threaded ends. Full coupling is made in accordance to ASME B16.11 standard.
  • Full coupler connects small bore pipes with threaded ends.
  • Requires sealing compound

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