BUON VINO FILLJET Tabletop Bottle Filler


This thing is amazing!  Developed to make your bottle filling needs easier, the Buon Vino Fill Jet electric bottle filler is capable of filling a 750mL wine bottle in just 17 seconds. It has a specially designed tapered tip that cascades wine into the bottle with minimal aeration.  The pump is self priming and you will love the automatic shutoff that helps prevent overflows.  This portable system can be used anywhere, and with its self-priming pump and quick loading mechanism it is fast and easy to use.  Fits bottles 375ml up to 1L. 

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This filler is a significant investment in your winemaking process.  It will repay itself by greatly speeding up the process of bottling large amount of wine, while ensuring accurate and consistent fill levels throughout. 

  • Makes Filling Wine Bottle Faster and easier
  • Capable of filling a 750mL wine bottle in just 17 seconds
  • Accommodates 375mL, 750mL, and 1L bottles
  • Self priming pump/motor with automatic shutoff
  • Table top model Dimensions 76cmx31cm

Instructions:  https://buonvino.com/Filljet_Inst_en.pdf

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Weight 240 oz
Dimensions 24 × 9 × 9 in


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