Fermfast LIQUID ANTIFOAM 10g ANTI-FOAMER for Brewing and Distilling (Small Bladder)


Prevents boil-over!  Food-grade, silicon-based liquid anti-foam emulsion for prevention of foaming during fermentation or distillation.  FermFast Antifoam is an Anti-Foamer that works on the hot side and on the cold side.  Prevents boil overs on the hot side, add 2 drops per gallon for a nice rolling boil. On the cold side, FermFast Anti-Foam keeps the krausen in your fermenter down to 1/2″.  Fermcap S anti-foam agent.  Very tiny 15g bottle

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Use only two drops per gallon at the start of fermentation. If you add Anti-Foam during the boil you do not need to add it again in your fermenter. 10gram bladder. Add 2 drops per gallon to boil or or fermenter.

In beer, it will not affect the head on down the road. Overflows during the boil create waste as well as safety hazards.  Using a foam controlling agent like this can help improve the efficiency of yeast, reduce waste, improve hop utilization, and even improve the head on the finished product.  USDA Approved Food Grade, Silicon based.
It is completely removed from the beer after fermentation by the yeast and sedimentation. As a result of preserving hydrophobic beer proteins in solution it actually improves beer foam retention in the finished beer.  The proteins haven’t foamed out and are still there until the beer is poured!

USAGE NOTES:  When adding to the fermenter, pitch yeast first.  Sprinkle yeast on top first and allow to set for 20 minutes while it rehydrates.  Stir the yeast in well and then add the anti-foamer.  In a still, mix in any time before you clamp the top.  In the boil kettle, add part of a pack when you start to get worried and watch the effect. Add more if needed. A few packs of this need to be in every home brewing arsenal.  Cheers!

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