DIGIMASH UPGRADE KIT For the 35L DigiBoil Electric Kettle BE504 KL12980


Use your KegLand DigiBoil or possibly other boiler for all-grain brewing? Why not?  With the optional Mash Upgrade Kit, you can easily convert the DigiBoil into an electric mash tun!  Ready to upgrade your DigiBoil into a DigiMash? With the DigiMash upgrade kit you can convert the DigiBoil into a full blown electric all-in-one system. Includes false bottom, malt pipe with bottom screen, wire support, and malt pipe handle. Simply place the false bottom inside the kettle and install the malt pipe, fill with water and heat to your desired strike temperature, then add your grain and set your desired mash temperature on the digital controller. Once your mash is complete, lift up the malt pipe, drain the wort and sparge, then remove the malt pipe and proceed to boil.  Can be used with other boilers.  Measures just less than 19.5″ High x 11.75″ Wide.  Ships direct from a KegLand distributor.

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  • False bottom
  • Malt pipe
  • Wire support
  • Malt pipe handle
  • Malt pipe bottom screen

Installation & Use:

  • Place the false bottom inside the kettle
  • Install the wire support in the channel located at the top of the kettle
  • Place the mesh screen inside the malt pipe and attach the handle
  • Lower the malt pipe into the kettle so it rests on the wire support
  • Calculate and add strike water (Around 3 gallons on  a 10lb grain bill).  Heat to desired strike temperature
  • When desired temperature is reached, turn off the 1000 watt element, add grain and stir until well mixed
  • When your mash is complete, use the handle to lift out malt pipe and rotate 90° so the malt pipe feet sit on the wire support
  • Allow the wort to drain into the kettle and sparge the grain with warm water (165-175°F) until you have collected enough wort
  • When you’re done collecting your wort, remove the malt pipe and proceed to boil with both elements.

CAUTION:  Kettle parts become hot during use.  PLEASE NOTE: Only the 500-watt element should be used to increase mash temperatures when the Malt Pipe is in place. Using the higher watt element(s) with the Malt Pipe inserted may cause scorching of the grain.
Kegland Part Number: KL12980

Additional information

Weight 112 oz
Dimensions 29 × 15 × 15 in


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