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The newest technique in amateur distillation is Automatic Reflux Control (ARC), which takes all the guesswork out of controlling a still to ensure that it produces the best product with the least trouble and supervision. The idea behind ARC is to use the temperature at the top section of the still to automatically keep both the output and the reflux ratio at optimum values to ensure you get excellent results. The actual system is amazingly simple and can be attached to most existing conventional still head. The book is copiously illustrated, and several methods of ARC are described in detail from the simplest ‘mechanical’ system, to advanced control using a computer.

Second Edition.

Chapter 1 – Simple Stills and Boilers
How to make a simple boiler
Boiler from a stainless steel kettle
Pot stills and condensers
Air cooled stills

Chapter 2 –Low Reflux Operation
Distillation with herbs and gin
Carbon filtration
Rum, Brandy and Whiskey
Making Whiskey

Chapter 3 – Reflux Stills
Management techniques
Still head design
The Spiral Still
Condensers for reflux columns
Running the still for pure ethanol
Making a sugar mash

Chapter 4 –Automatic Reflux Control (ARC)
What happens inside & electronic controls
Electronic ARC (E-ARC)

Chapter 5 –Building a Modular ARC Still
The LaCreuz Mk.I
VM option for the LaCreuz Mk.I
Other accessories for the LaCreuz Mk.I
Heads separation
Short version of the LaCreuz Mk.I
Thor’s Hammer

Chapter 6 – Electrical ARC
Appendix 1 – Controlling Heating Power
Appendix 2 – Source code for Power Controller
Appendix 3 – Faster runs with purer and higher yields
Appendix 4 – Tables

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