CROWN CAPS PINK 144 Standard USA Size 26.5 For Capping Soda or Beer Bottles


Here’s a factory sealed bag of 144 BRAND NEW PINK uncrimped OXY LINED crown type Bottle Caps to cap off standard 26.5mm non-twist off soda and beer bottles.   If you have American bottles these should fit them.

1565 in stock


If you want these for arts and crafts they are perfect for that but keep in mind they are uncrimped and the edges do not point straight down.  These are working caps for bottlers and many will not be flawless.  The caps are in contact with each other’s pointy edges and a some will be scratched or pricked.  Not to scare you off they are fine, but these are sold to properly cap and seal a bottle, and no especial care is taken to grade them for jewelry use.
These are counted by weight at the distributor with the target 144 and each package will contain between 142 and 145 caps with 144 and 145 being the most common number found.  They are completely unmarked – and don’t say anything stupid on them like “twist off”. 

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in


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