KegLand COUNTERFLOW WORT CHILLER Keg Land Efficient Copper Heat Exchanger ECO Base Model KL02035


Chill your wort in a tenth of the time!  This copper counter flow chiller is probably one of the fastest ways to chill wort.  Here’s a professional quality Keg Land Counterflow Wort Chiller, an innovative and water-efficient device designed to use with just about any of our most popular brew kettles or electric brew systems.   This unique counterflow wort chiller imported from Australia is designed to cool your wort in one pass, taking much less time compared to a standard immersion wort chiller.  Buying a quality wort chiller will speed up the brewing process immensely (twice as fast as immersion chillers) and greatly reduce the risk of contamination.  You will need to add your own tubing and hose barb.

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The tube-within-a-tube design allows for hot wort to flow through the chiller in one direction, while cooling water flows the opposite direction in a cooling jacket surrounding the wort. This efficient design ensures the hot wort is always in contact with a fresh supply of cool water – so no stirring or agitation is required!   This Counter flow Wort Chiller enables you to pump wort through the inner tube, while running cold water in the opposite direction in the outer tube, making the entire process quicker and more efficient than ever before.

  • Easy to clean
  • 3/8″ 10mm Nipples
  • High Grade Copper conduction
  • 5.8 meter coiled length
  • 9″ 23cm diameter
  • 7″ 18cm tall

Enables a more efficient cold break to remove unwanted proteins and particles from your beer.  Cleaner aroma profile because of decreased DMS production, giving you the more pronounced aroma that you worked so hard for.

Easier to clean especially when compared to the plate chillers.  It will not trap hop particles like a plate chiller will.  When chilling one thing you want to have is cold break.  Cold break is the coagulation of proteins and other stuff floating in your wort.  This coagulation contributes to clean appearance, reduction in chill haze, and a clean flavor in lagers.

Use 3/8 inch tubing barbs and hose clamps to connect the chiller to your wort in and out feeds (not included).  The water connections are the same.  The chiller measures around 10 x 10 x 10

Additional Parts Needed be scrounged and not included:  Depends on your installation.  Kitchen faucet to hose adaptor, Female Hose barb, 3/8″ poly tubing from sink to chiller and then to drain, 3/8″ High Temp Tubing from kettle to chiller and then to fermenter, 3/8″ hose clamps.

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Weight 90 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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