CORN CUTTER Old School Lee MFG Adjustable Wooden Corn Cutter with Stainless Steel Blades


The easiest way to strip fresh sweet corn kernels from the cob.  Lee Mfg’s Adjustable Wooden Corn Cutters have been in American farm homes for many years.  The LEE Triple Action Corn Cutter and Creamer cuts, shreds and scrapes grains of corn off ears 10 times faster at one-fourth the labor. Cuts smoothly, uniformly and evenly without mess or splatter.  Has a smooth-sanded hardwood handle with stainless steel blades (not reversible).  For best stability and easiest use, lean long end into a dishpan in your sink.  Good for preparing whole kernel and cream style corn for freezing, canning or immediate consumption.  Packed in poly bag,  17″L x 2-3/8″W

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Cut that delicious sweet corn from the cob in lightning speed this summer, with full, fresh flavor intact. Our cutters safely remove kernels whole or shred them for creamed corn.

  • Set scraper high to scrape milk from cob
  • Use for whole kernels or to make cream style corn
  • Easy to use and guarantees uniform cut
  • Wood holder with stainless steel blade
  • Fits all sizes ears
  • Blade raises or lowers to desired height for variety of corn to be used

This is one of those truely indispensible kitchen tools!  Once you have used it you will never want to do without it again. Ours has saved us many hours of work and much frustration over the years. It was a great day when we 1st happened upon ours and decided to give it a try. It is a slim wooden board, 17 inches long, with a trough the length of it and an adjustable cutter in the middle. You simply lay your corn cob in the trough and push forward through the cutter, which makes easy work of neatly slicing off the kernels. Then lift the ear, rotate the cob, and push again. It takes 4 to 6 quick strokes and you are done. The sliced off kernels feed down into a baking dish that the cutter is resting on. You can really zip along. I wince when I think back to the years I balanced my cobs on end and sliced kernels off with a butcher knife. These corn cutters work no matter what the size and maturity of your corn cobs are. Of course, smaller cobs are more work, but still slicing is a breeze, and sometimes you have smaller cobs to deal with. The cutter blade is made of stainless steel and is adjustable for kernels or cream style.

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