Cork, Bung, and Stopper Retriever – Removes corks from inside bottles with ease!


Use this handy device for removing corks, bungs and stoppers that were accidentally pushed into bottles and carboys.  See instructions below.

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  • 🍷 EASY TO USE wine bottle cork remover will allow you to extract the cork that fell into the bottle quickly and easily.  Almost effortless!
  • 🍷 CONVENIENT wine cork extractor has a red handle and 3 thin prongs. You just need to place prongs around the cork and pull the device safely removing the stuck cork
  • 🍷 WORKS on broken corks too!
  • 🍷 STAINLESS STEEL  will ensure long service around your winery and in your bar.
To use, slide the plastic retaining fitting to the top of the wires (by the handle). Insert the wires into your bottle, and turn the container upside down. Move the container around until the cork or stopper falls roughly into the center of the 3 prongs. Slide the retaining fitting down the wires, until it tightens around the cork or stopper. Gently pull the handle out of the bottle, while keeping the cork or stopper centered between the wires.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 1 in


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