BSG Cinnamon (Saigon) 1oz for Brewing and Distilling AZZ1804A


Not just any cinnamon!  This Saigon Cinnamon is strong, sweet, and spicy. Use in distilled spirits, porters, stouts, winter warmers, holiday ales, or spiced ciders and meads.  Suitable for use in various styles of beer and spirits, cinnamon brings sweet, woody aromas and warm, spicy sweet flavors to any beverage.  Saigon cinnamon has a higher essential oil content and is described as having more aromatic dimension than the other varieties as well. Distillers may find common Ceylon cinnamon too mild for good extraction and presence in their final spirit.  Have seen cinnamon stouts win brewfests.

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Of the four varieties of cinnamon grown throughout the world (which include Ceylon/Sri Lanka, Korintje/Indonesian, Cassia/Chinese), Saigon/Vietnamese cinnamon is intensely fragrant, extra spicy and warmer and sweeter in taste than the other varieties, with less bitterness and pungency than Chinese Cassia.

USAGE:  Directions say to use 1-3 sticks per 5 gallon batch.  This cinnamon is crumbled.  Assuming 1/3 to 1 pack per 5 gallon batch.  Suggest you start with 1/3 pack or even just a tablespoon.  Taste periodically and rack off or remove the cinnamon when you reach desired taste profile.



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