CANDY SUGAR 1 Pound AMBER BELGIAN CANDI SUGAR For Beer Brewing Homebrew and Baking


Here’s a 1 pound FACTORY PACKED sealed pouch of Belgian Amber Candi Sugar for home brewing and beer making.  This sugar has a tantalizing dark color and rich flavor. Use this to add extra alcohol, flavor, and sweetness to your homebrew.  Imported from Belgium, this sugar is refined from sugar beets, and is 100% fermentable. Do not fear there is no beet flavor, rather it is sweeter and cleaner than cane sugar.  The color is rated at 225°-263°Lovibond (600-700 EBC).  One pound of this sugar in 1 gallon of water will produce a solution with the specific gravity of 1.045.  Adding one pound to a 5 gallon batch will increase the final alcohol by 1%.

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Give your high gravity Belgian and Trappist beers authentic flavor and characteristic dryness with classic Belgian Candi sugar. Made from beet sugar and caramelized for premium flavor and color to add distinct character to these great classic beer styles, this sugar will not make your beer “cidery”.  Try it in your Saison and Imperials!  Add half a pack to a gallon of moonshine with a little oak and you have something very similar to Wild Turkey or Southern Comfort!

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