C208 FERRULE For SS Beer Coil Cooler on Jockey Box Ice Box or Kegerator 5/16″ Bore – Krome Dispense


Wall coupling ferrule for through-wall installations like beer coil cooler, jockey box, kegerator, or ice box.  Fits stainless tubing with OD of 5/16..  The Krome C914 is the bridge connecting beer lines from the keg with the cooling coil sitting inside the Jockey box. This installs at the back or side of your box and provides reliable beer dispensing and corrosion resistance. This is what you’d want for the backside of your perfect quick chilling outdoor beer cooler. The cooler coupling for draft beer comes with the required accessories including a decorative flange. Most  of the cooler coupler remains inside the cooler box wall. Additional parts like the C107 grommet are probably required, depending on your installation. You will need to plumb it to the keg on the outside and the cooling coil inside the cooler.

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  • C208X1 Chrome plated brass gerrule For SS cooling coil 5/16″ID
  • Used in through-wall situations as in jockey box, kegerator or ice box assembly
  • Durable chrome plated brass construction
  • Lends a more finished detail to your project
  • REQUIRES 1 C107 Grommet to be sloshing ice water tight.
  • Even though it will never touch your beer, wine, or cider, CA Prop 65 applies.

Proposition 65 warning for CA residents: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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