British OAT MALT EXTRACT LME Muntons Unhopped Liquid Malt Extract 3.3 lbs Tin LME


Muntons Oat Extract is the key to creating hazy, New England-style IPAs that captivate your taste buds. This unique malt extract combines the finest barley and oats, providing the perfect base for crafting exceptional and distinct beer.  Malted oats can also add a velvety, creamy texture to beers, which can help cut the astringency and sharpness of beers like porters and stouts.  Whether you prefer to make a wort or blend it with your all-grain brew, our Oat Malt Extract empowers you to take your brewing to the next level, creating a perfect pint that reflects your unique taste. Please choose from our pre-built favorites in-ap, or embark on a brewing adventure by building your recipe from scratch. Enhance your beer by adding our malt extract to all-grain and extract recipes, boosting volume, and adding body and mouthfeel, while maintaining a balanced malt taste that harmonizes perfectly with citrus and fruit flavours. Join the ranks of craft brewers who are revolutionizing the beer scene with their latest innovations.  Muntons provides expertly blended ingredients, ensuring a hassle-free brewing experience.



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  • Muntons Oat Malt Extract is excellent for easily crafting New England Style IPA’s
  • Malted oats add a velvety, creamy texture to beers, which helps cut astringency and sharpness in  porters and stouts
  • Made in Jolly Olde England from malted oats and barley
  • 3.3 lb can of liquid malt extract 100% Oat and Barley Malt Extract
  • EBC ,  Lovibond 2.8
  • Versatile Application: Our malt extract is suitable for all-grain and extract brewing methods, providing versatility for brewers of all levels. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced brewer, our product seamlessly integrates into your brewing process.  Muntons malted ingredients have all been made to the highest standards from premium quality, locally sourced cereals. 
  • Enhanced Volume and Body: Add our malt extract to your recipes to boost volume, add body, and improve the mouthfeel of your beers. Elevate your brews to create a more satisfying and well-rounded drinking experience.
  • Tailor to Your Taste: Craft a unique beer tailored to your taste preferences with our Malt Extract experiment with different flavors and ingredients, creating a brew that reflects your style.
  • Craft Brewing Innovation: Stay at the forefront of brewing innovations with our Malt Extract. Embrace craft brewers’ latest trends and techniques, and create exceptional beers that stand out.

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