RELAY MODULE 240V for Blichmann Power Controller


BACK IN STOCK – Need to control more than one heating element for large kettles? Simply add up to 4 of these additional relay modules and drive them all with your one power controller.  Unlike cheap “dimmer switch” based power controllers, whose power output is not linear, the modular power controller is much easier to control the perfect boil intensity and heating rate.

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We accomplish this using a tried and true industrial technique called Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).  Simply put, it controls the percentage of time the heater is energized over a very short 1 sec interval.  So turning the knob to “6” energizes the heater for 0.6 seconds, and turns it off for the remainder of the 1 sec interval.  This robust reliable technique is gentle on your heater, is extremely linear, and doesn’t create electrical noise like other techniques can.  See below for other great features.

  • 240v Relay Module for use with Blichmann Engineering 240v Power Controller
  • Use up to 4 relay modules to control a total of 5 multiple heating elements
  • Perfect match for Blichmann BoilCoil electric heaters
  • Works with any manufacturer’s immersion heater
  • 240v Power Controller required, must be purchased separately


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