BLACK MALT Briess Malt for Beer Making 1 LB Unmilled (Formerly Black Patent)


BRIESS BLACK MALT 1LB: (Formerly Black Patent) A roasted malt colored to a higher degree than Chocolate Malt in the roasting process. This highly roasted malt provides intense color and a distinct dry, ashy, roast character with no effect on the foam color.  Black Malt has no diastatic activity and no fermentable extract and is simply used to add slight flavor and darker color in dark beers such as milds, porters and stouts. Briess Black malt can be used in small quantities (1-3%) to add color to any style beer with little or no flavor contribution.   It is typically used in higher quantities and often in combination with other roasted grains for darker beers like porters and stouts. Color: 500l (432-525L).  Product of USA.  Excellent for Stouts!  Also available in the 10LB and by special order in the 50LB sack


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Use Briess Black Patent malt in small amounts for color adjustment with minimal flavor contribution, or can be used in conjunction with other roasted malts to intensify the color and add a distinct sharp roasted flavor. It will have little impact on head color and can be used when a dark beer with a light head is desired. 500°L

  • Malt Style:  Black (Patent) Malt.  Kosher:  UMK Pareve
  • Flavor:  Dry roasted, sharp to neutral
  • Color:  Dark brown to black, 500L
  • Usage: in dark beers for flavor
    In small quantities in all styles for color with little or no flavor.
    Sometimes used with other dark roasted malts to achieve desired color.
    Often used to provide color without overpowering flavor that is characteristic of European-style dark beers.
    May be used with or without Roasted Barley to brew a Stout with more color and less intense Roasted Barley flavor
    May be used with Chocolate Malt to produce a Porter with less pronounced chocolate flavor notes.
    Black Malt is not interchangeable with Roasted Barley.
    Produces dark colored beer with little impact to foam color. Use when dark beer with light head is desired.
    Produced from AMBA/BMBRI recommended 6-Row Malting Barley varieties.

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