BEER FAUCET COVER / BRUSH PLUG CAP – BLACK – Commercial Hygiene Plug AND Overnight Cap for Beer Taps KROME C545


Brush plugs keep the inside of your faucet clean and keep gnats out. Just insert one and leave it in the Faucet when not in use.  Take it out to pour or string them in a row on your taps and pull them all out in a moment.  Send whole string through washer once in a while.  The constant brushing action keeps the faucet clean and the cap portion keeps the bugs out!  These fit great on standard beer faucets can be trimmed to fit Perlick****  (see below).

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  • Single Faucet brush/plug
  • Available in Blue and Black
  • Great fit on most standard beer faucets
  • Brush part keeps inside of faucet clean
  • Cap part keeps bugs out
  • Leave on Faucet when not in use to keep out bugs
  • Length = 59.3mm
  • Brush Thickness = 13.8mm & 15mm
  • Handle Width = 23mm
  • Wire Thickness = .28mm
  • Can be modified to fit Perlick

****Note to Perlick faucet owners. I use these on my Perlick Faucets as well, but you have to modify them slightly because the Perlick hole is smaller.  If you are not familiar with trimming a little plastic with a knife skip this part and get the black plastic outer covers and a tap brush.  What I do is hold it with a gloved hand then take a box knife in the other hand and just strip off the four little tabs below the first Circle on the plug by pushing the blade straight down. This allows the first circle to sit flush with the Perlick.  In addition you can still use it with standard faucets after making this modification because on standard faucets the second circle does the sealing.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in









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