BEER BOTTLES 12 HUGE 1000ml EZ CAP AMBER Glass Beugel Swing-Top Soda Bottles 34oz Flip Top Grolsch Type


Here’s one full case of 12  brand new dark amber full one liter flip-top bottles.  These are the heavy weight EZ CAP BRAND reuseable bottles that are perfect for any homebrew soda, cider, or beer.  These are the bottles commonly called “Grolsch” bottles, but that is a trademark name and the correct name is ‘Beugel’. 
Beugel style bottles like these are the very best type for bottle conditioning.  Dark amber reduces UV light exposure much better than any other color.  These bottles are brand new and have never had anything in them but air.  They have a graceful curve and flat sides so that you can label them.  You will be getting 12 bottles and 12 of the swing top metal and plastic closures shown.  They can also be crown capped and then resealed after opening.

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Some assembly is required.  For shipping safety the bails are not yet attached to the bottles.  To put closure on bottle make sure the wire bail is on one side and the swing cap on the other.  Put one wire prong in one hole and slide the other prong along the glass until it clicks into the other hole.  Voila!

The EZ cap bottle has a special closure, more commonly known as a “Grolsch” style closure, which is a wire bale which swings a ceramic style cap and rubber gasket upward and over the neck to seal the bottle. The most obvious advantage to this style of bottle is that it is easily resealable. These great bottles are smooth sided, making labeling very easy! They are thicker and stronger than regular bottles. One interesting point is that since the tops are reusable, they are more environmentally friendly. These traditionally styled bottles call attention to the craftsmanship put into the contents. Perfect for showcasing your special home brew beverages!

These EZ-Cap bottles hold 1000ml or around 34 ounces. EZ-Caps bottles are about 12″ Tall and 4″ Wide at the base.  Some people recommend taking the gasket off and flipping it over between uses, which would at least allow you to inspect the gasket.

Perfect for beer, wine, sauces, vinegars, ciders, sodas or anything that requires a glass bottle with a re-sealable cap. E.Z.Cap bottles will keep your beer fresh and carbonated! No more wasting beer! Showcase your special beers in our traditionally styled bottles! Order direct, or visit your local beer and wine supply store.

  • Thicker and stronger than regular bottles
  • Strong molded cap with replaceable rubber seal
  • Cap and seal are FDA approved materials
  • Reinforced neck and bottle top
  • Heavy gauge wire mechanism
  • Amber, cobalt blue, or flint (clear) glass
  • Dual finish, accepts crown caps as well as swing top cap
  • Reinforced base
  • Smooth sides for custom silk screening or adhesive labeling
  • Resealable, reusable, recyclable

Additional information

Weight 320 oz
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 14 in


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