Bairds BRITISH CRYSTAL 70/80L Malt – 1 Pound Uncrushed


Bairds Crystal 70/80 L malt has a distinct toffee flavor that becomes more intense as the color darkens. Flavor wheel shows toffee, caramel, sweet, nutty, stewed fruit, treacle, amd raisin.  Roasted and burnt flavors will become present in darker crystal malts. They also change the oxidation – reduction state of a beer, and can therefore improve the stability of a beer by preventing the formation of oxidized (cardboard) flavors. Typically used at a rate of 5% of grist for British Bitters and Pale Ales.

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  • Bairds Crystal Malt – Quality Malt since 1823
  • Unmilled Malt for Brewing Beer
  • A pale, brown-colored malt with Intense degrees of caramel and toffee-like flavors.
  • Color: 70/80L
  • Origin:  United Kingdom / Scotland

Nearly 2 centuries ago, Bairds was founded in Glascow Scotland on the simple idea that to produce the best beer or whisky you have to control its key ingredient – malt.  From the early days of Bairds, they’ve always known that quality malt is the key to the world’s best whisky and beer.  Hugh’s Bairds vision was to bring consistent high quality malt supplies to brewers across the Glasgow region.  Today, Bairds operates new state of the art malting plants in Scotland and the United Kingdom marketing their products world wide.

In his book “The Noted Breweries of Great Britain and Ireland” Alfred Barnard said, “this firm select none but the finest qualities of barley for their operations, as the quality of beer entirely depends upon this consideration.”  Although the book was written over 100 years ago, the same is true today as it was then. Bairds is firmly into ‘drill to chill’ and is proud to partner with the UK’s best barley growers and brewers from planting to pub.

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