AUTOSIPHON KIT 1/2″ JUMBO RACKING CANE w/Hose and Clamp Auto Siphon Starts with a Couple Pumps


Here’s everything you need to cut your racking time in half!  This is the big barrel one half inch BRAND NAME “AUTOSIPHON” that is ideal for starting a siphon on LARGE BATCHES.  This will siphon out a 5 gallon batch in less than 3 minutes and a suck a 15 GALLON BATCH dry in less than 9 minutes.

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This is a complete siphon kit and you won’t need to order anything else except maybe the 1/2″ bottle filler.  Includes the autosiphon, the 5′ hose, and even the autosiphon clamp.  You get everything shown except the carboy full of homebrew!
A half inch siphon is hard to start without the auto-siphon.  Instead of trying to suck the chrome off a trailer hitch just plunge the device in and give it a couple pumps!  Siphons out at more than twice the speed of any 3/8″ siphon rig. 
Easy to use stroke action starts a siphon without disturbing sediment. Precision designed for smooth leak-free operation and durability.  Simple to sanitize and the removable tip prevents siphoning of sediment..

You moonshiners with huge batches will want to know this is 25″ long so it will go to the bottom of a 24″ tall fermenter.  It should be possible to start your siphon and then slowly extend the pump arm all the way out while going down, giving you an additional 24″ of depth.

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Weight 15.9 oz
Dimensions 24 × 4 × 1 in


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