RECIRCULATION ARM Anvil SWIRLY™ 21″ CLIP ON Commercial Brewery Style Whirlpooling for Home Brewing Systems


The Anvil 21″ whirlpool arm is a device which works in conjunction with your pump to create a recirculation or whirlpool hopping system. This baby will set your hot wort to spinning, maximizing mixing and extraction efficiency.  The unique design was well thought out by the brewers at Anvil. The angles are all set up for you to end up with clear wort over a pile of trub.  It’s practical physics, Albert Einstein’s “Teacup Effect”.  It works perfectly with most kettles and boilers, including the 10.5 Gallon Foundry, Brewzilla, Digiboil, Mash and Boil, gas fired brew kettles, and just about any other gas or electric brewing system that is 15″-27″ deep. (A shorter 15″ Swirly model is available).

The eccentric rotating rubber cam allows it to secure to the side of any vessel, no matter the thickness. The unique Anvil finish and design will look nice on there and stay put.  The Swirly™ uses a 1/2″ NPS Straight Pipe Thread at the bottom for hose connections and includes an NPS hose barb for connecting up to the pump feed.

The 21″ Swirly fits any vessel that is 15″-27″ in container height. For better fit on smaller vessels, see the 15″ Swirly that fits 11″-21″.

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  • The Anvil 21″ clip-on Recirculation Arm fits most brewing systems up to 20 gallons.
  • Well thought out by brewers.  Unique design looks nice and stays out of the way.
  • Minimizes vibration, splashes, and clean up time.
  • Unique eccentric rotating cam clamps it to the kettle.  Looks good and stays put.
  • Provides for efficient whirl pooling of hot wort.  Includes hose barb for pump feed.
  • High quality stainless steel construction as we expect from Anvil.

Assembly:  Rotate the rubber cam to the widest setting and slide the Swirly over the edge of the kettle. After the Swirly has been slid over the kettle’s edge, rotate the rubber cam until it is tightly secured against the outside of the kettle. Install the hose barb and nut with o-ring onto the threaded port of the Swirly. Attach the recirculation hose to the hose barb and make sure that it is tightly fastened and clamped.

Plumbing:  Attach your pump output to the Swirly with 1/2″ silicone tubing and clamps.  Attach the pump input to the kettle drain valve with 1/2″ silicone tubing and clamps.

Safety:  Use clamps to avoid hot wort blowouts.  Be sure to use clamps to hold the silicone tubing in place.

Operation:  Open the kettle’s valve, turn on the pump, and the Swirly™ will give you a perfect whirlpool.  Commercial breweries pump for 10-20 minutes then let the wort stand for 20 minutes.  The hops and trub will form a compact pile in the middle of your boiler. That makes it easy to drain off the clear wort leaving the trub behind.  Then the wort is easily separated from the pile of gunk by gently draining. Watch as the wort level gets low and stop or modify the flow when the gunk starts to get sucked in.

Fun Fact:  Molson Breweries in Canada is credited with first using the whirlpool in commercial brewing.

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