ANVIL BOTTLE CAPPER For Standard USA 26.5mm Crown Caps used on Longneck Soda and Beer Bottles


Don’t let someone convince you that bottling beer is no fun!  All you need is this bench model soda and beer bottle capper.  Simply place the bottle on the stand, put a cap under the magnet, and push the handle down.  Voila!  You should be able to cap two full cases of beer in 10 minutes.  Seems to be 5 times faster than a wing capper and fewer spilled bottles.  You get a better seal, too.  You will wonder why you didn’t just get one in the first place.  Takes just 4 seconds to switch bottle sizes.  This is the strongest capper in it’s price range of less than $100 AND this capper folds for storage.  Optional 29mm Euro crown capping bell available.

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This the BEST capper we sell for less than $100.  Bottling day just got easier!  The long arm provides a good amount of leverage, so you shouldn’t feel fatigued after sealing a lot of bottles. This bench bottle capper features a self-adjusting spring-mounted capping mechanism. Making it much easier to adjust for different size bottles on the fly.  It is not nearly a commercial-grade unit but it is powerful enough to handle the needs of smaller, artisan brewing operations.  Always wear gloves while capping or corking.   Better order some extra caps they ship almost free with a capper and we have 15 colors to choose from!
Sealing the bottle may be one of the last steps when making your own beer or soda, but it is also one of the most important. If done incorrectly, all the time spent crafting the perfect beverage will have been for naught, since it will either spoil or leak out long before anybody gets to imbibe it. These bottle cappers help ensure that never happens to your drinks.
One tip – add a bit of Petro-Gel lube to the inside of the bell to help avoid having the cap get stuck inside the bell after squeezing.

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