AN ILLUSTRATED PRICE GUIDE TO OLD FRUIT JARS – Red Book 12: The Collector’s Guide to Old Fruit Jars – MASON JARS Collecting and More (Unavailable – Out of Print)


Now out of print.  Douglas has decided to retire and has not passed the book on to someone else to carry forward as Alice did.  No further information is available.

The Red Book is an illustrated price guide to fruit jars.  Edition No. 12 offers many needed updates, hundreds of new additions and many, many minor revisions.  This book is very handy and lists a large selection of fruit jars.  If you are a fruit jar collector this is the must have book. The purpose of the Red Book is to identify, list, and provide pricing guidance for all known fruit jars, a continuous labor of love begun by Alice Creswick and continued by Doug Leybourne.  Doug is already 20 years and several Editions into the Project. Doug has continued the same meticulous technical investigation and has increased the number of illustrations.  If you want information and correct values on Fruit Jars this is the book the pros use.

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Red Book 12 follows the permanently assigned numbering system utilized since Red Book 6, with some well thought out exceptions made for clarity and better organization.  Jar collectors still argue about the changes between the 6th Edition and the 7th.  I see the point, it is hard to memorize new numbers and hurts ever time you have to deal with the fact that old 500 is now something else, but get over it.  There might be more to the story, go to a Jar Show and ask around!

It can be a little tough finding your jars sometimes.  There are many many minor varieties of some jars.  I find that it is mostly alphabetical by brand name or what is said on the jar, start with the word that uses the biggest font or the brand name and work from there.  Unmarked jars are of course the hardest to find, but stick with it and soon you will begin to recognize the tip-offs to different brands of jars.

“The fruit jar changed America.  The Red Book changed fruit jar collecting.”  – Charles Strusz,, 2019

“A hundred and fifty years ago, these jars meant survival,” – Authenticity, Repurposed, in a Mason Jar – NY Times

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