If you get your corn from a jar here’s a sure way to save money on sugar by converting more of the starch in corn, rice, beets potatoes and any other starchy grain or vegetable to fermentable sugars.  This is the specific amylase called for when making light or reduced calorie beer. Amylase increases fermentability by converting some of the starches to sugars.

Whether you are using cornmeal, cracked corn, sweet feed, carrots, beets or potato peelings amylase enzyme will convert 75%-94% of the available starchs to sugar in an hour.  Amylase is easy to use.  When you have finished cooking your mash, allow it to cool to below 170 degrees and stir in one teaspoon amylase per 5 gallons.  Amylase is a self-limiting glucoside there is nothing to be gained by upping the dosage.  Allow the mash to cool for an hour, but keep the temperature above 120 and stir occasionally.  Alternately if you are set up to hold the mash at 152 degrees for one hour that is ideal for highest conversion rates.  Will work at fermentation temperatures with reduced conversion. Useful in beer brewing if a light low-carb product is required (See safety note below) or to remove starch haze.  Each 1 pound pack contains approx 144 teaspoons enough to do upwards of 700 gallons.  Product is factory packed by LD Carlson.  BSG packed also available see other items.

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Allows fermentation of any starch by breaking up the molecule chains so that its not starch it is sugar.  Breaks the 1,4 linkage in starch producing dextrin and a small amount of maltose.  Complex sugars are also broken up to make them more fermentable.  Can be used in beer to produce a light or low-carb dry style.  If your beer is cloudy with a starch haze Amylase will help.  Add Amylase at room temperature and allow to bulk ferment for an additional week or two. 
Safety Note:  Do not bottle beer freshly treated with Amylase – there will be too much sugar and it will continue to ferment the additonal sugar plus your priming sugar, resulting in excess foam and pressure.
This is a food grade Alpha-amylase  produced by the fermentation of an Aspergillus oryzae variety. It is characterized by both dextrinizing (liquefying) and saccharifying (glucose and maltose liberating) actions on gelatinized starch molecules.  In other words it will increase your runoff as well.
On the down side Amylase will cut down on the corn taste a good bit.  If you are using a reflux still you definitely need to be using Amylase.  If you are using a pot still the Amylase treated wash will provide for more alcohol and a more neutral flavor.  Whether you are making corn liquor, vodka, PGA or rocket fuel this is the stuff! 

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