AIRLOCK BRUSH 7″ Small One for Airlocks Spigots Beer Faucets and Food Equipment


Here’s a small but rugged 7″ metal loop handle brush for getting into tight spaces.  We use them most often for airlocks, spigots, stainless fittings, and other homebrew and food service applications.  They have a tuft tip making it 2 1/2 inches of 1/2″ white nylon bristles.  We really like the loop handle it hangs right up there with the rest of our brushes.

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  • AIRLOCK BRUSH: You will receive one brush sized to clean your 3-Piece Airlocks and drilled rubber stoppers
  • CLEAN IN-BETWEEN BATCHES: Use the airlock brush to scrub and clean away any debris or blow off inside your 3 piece airlocks as well as your drilled rubber stoppers to ensure proper sanitation to start your batches
  • NO MORE HEADACHE: No more filling and shaking or trying to squeeze a cleaning tool into the hard-to-reach places of your 3-piece airlocks and drilled rubber stoppers, these brushes were carefully made to do just that
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: The brush comes with an easy-to-grip bendable twisted wire handle to make it easier to clean specific spots, a spiral brush design to ensure complete coverage as you scrub, and a convenient ring handle for easy hanging storage
  • HIGH QUALITY: The 3 piece airlock and rubber stopper brush is made of strong nylon bristles with a sturdy and durable stainless steel winding handle, all food grade and BPA free

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