Accuvin Malolactic Fermentation (MLF) Test Kit (0-500 mg/L Malic Acid) Vial OF 10 Strips


The Accuvin Malic Acid Wine Test Kit is used to monitor the decrease in malic acid during malolactic fermentation (MLF). The test range is from 0 – 500 mg/L. Malolactic fermentation, the secondary fermentation in winemaking, is a method of reducing total titratable acidity by adjusting the relative concentrations of L-malic and L-lactic acids, softening the wine and allowing it to develop mellowness and full-bodiedness.

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  • Test to control and monitor Malic Acid and completion of Malolactic Fermentation in wines
  • Quantitatively measures from from 0 – 500 mg/L
  • Every kit comes with ten strips and ten samplers and requires no extra chemicals or instrumentation for accurate readings
  • Accuvin strips have a unique construction enabling the removal of pigments from red wines making them usable on any wine
  • No sample prep required, enabling you to get actionable results in a matter of minutes!

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