50 PACKS NOTTINGHAM ALE YEAST from Danstar Lallemand for Ales and Beer (Full Case, Box Optional)


If you are looking for amazing versatility from an ale yeast, look no further than Nottingham dry brewing yeast. Nottingham offers great performance with every batch across a wide variety of beer styles. It produces clean-tasting beers with low concentrations of fruitiness and the estery aromas. The neutral flavor profile is excellent for emphasizing the natural flavors of the malt and hops you have selected. Fast fermenting, Top cropping, high attenuation and high alcohol tolerance.  This is a full case of 50 that ships without the box.  If you need the box let us know and we will include it.

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Here’s the popular and versatile Nottingham strain of beer brewing yeast produced by Lallemand™ under the Danstar brand.  This is the famous “Robin Hood” yeast used throughout Nottinghamshire and of course Sherwood forest!  In those days the yeast was passed around with a bundle of clean peeled willow or juniper sticks.  An acceptably fermenting hearty ale wort was stirred with these wythes while an incantation was spoken.  Then the bundle was allowed to dry.  The bundle could then be used to stir-start the next batch or shared with a neighbour. 
You don’t have to go to all that trouble – each packet contains a large 11g dose of dried yeast and will be enough for a 5 gallon batch of beer.  Nottingham offers great performance with every batch, allowing brewers to cover a wide variety of beer styles with just one yeast type.  Nottingham is considered a ‘neutral’ yeast and allows for the full natural flavor of malt & hops to develop without being overpowered by yeasty characteristics.  The Danstar packets are nifty – they come vacuum sealed and they are hard as a rock.  If you have never used one of the Danstar yeasts this is a good one to start with because you can make about anything with it. 
Nottingham yeast is also ideal for making high gravity lager-style beers at cooler temperatures and makes more alcohol than the normal lager strains. It is suggested you use two packets for extremely low temp fermentations.

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