3LB Briess CBW TRADITIONAL DARK DRY DME Dry Malt Extract Powder


CBW® Traditional Dark can be used in the production of many extract beer styles and to adjust the color, flavor and gravity of all grain beers.  Adds extra body and richness.  Use in Red and Amber Beers, Oktoberfest, Bock beer, Doppelbock, brown ales and other dark colored beers.  Dry malt extract was first used by Rudolf Briess in 1894 when he launched a line of malted barley flours for bakeries.  Available in the 1lb, 3lb and by special order in the 50lb sacks.

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  • 3 lb bag of Briess Traditional Dark dry malt extract to improve body and head retention
  • Use in Red and Amber Beers, Oktoberfest, Bock beer, Doppelbock, brown ales and other dark colored beers.
  • Useful in all styles of extract brewing and to adjust color, flavor and gravity of all grain brews
  • MADE IN USA, Kosher: UMK Pareve,  Ingredients: 100% Pure malted barley dry extract from barley
  • Color:  Golden 30L, Flavor:  Malty

Advantages of using extract in a brewhouse include saved time, increased capacity, boosted productivity, extends brew size by adding solids, boosts gravity, adjusts color, improves body and head retention, and extends the brew size by adding malt solids to the wort.

CBW stands for Concentrated Brewers Wort, which is exactly what these brewer’s grade, pure malt extracts are—concentrates of brewers wort. CBW malt extracts are produced in a 500-bbl state-of-the-art brewhouse, the second largest in Wisconsin. After lautering, the wort is gently vacuum evaporated to maintain its rich, full flavor and lessen color development. We use a multiple step infusion brewing process for high fermentability and FAN, which is critical for brewing.

Boasting of Czech origins in the 1800’s, Briess Malt & Ingredients Co. is the only vertically integrated maltster in North America. That means they make their own pure malt extracts from their own malt.  Because it is made here in the USA you are assured of receiving only the fullest flavored, freshest, purest malt extracts for top brewhouse performance.

Malt is often called the “Heart of Beer” for good reason. Malted barley, or malt, is the basic ingredient used in the production of beer, providing complex carbohydrates and sugars necessary for fermentation, as well as contributing flavors and colors that are uniquely characteristic of beer.

From Briess:  When it comes to producing natural specialty ingredients for food and beer, Briess is setting new standards for success. That’s because we treat every aspect of our business as a craft, from grower to technical expertise to multiple processing capabilities. Family owned since 1876, we remain poised to deliver solutions and services tailored to meet your needs.   Hey, this is the heart of the beer we’re talking about here. The basic ingredient that helps gives your brew its unique flavorcolor and body.

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