2PK VACUVIN VACUUM STOPPERS For the Original Wine Saver 4318


Preserves wine in the bottle after opening.  A great way to get air out of an open bottle of wine so that you can enjoy it later without oxidization.  These are the new stoppers with a complete redisign.  Fits the original Wine Saver plunger and works even better!  Used by more than 25 million wine drinkers around the world.  Can be opened and resealed as often as necessary.

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I have used the Vacu Vin system for many years.  They do work very well to keep your opened wine fresher. These are the newer design stoppers which I believe to be superior to the older style. They’re reasonably priced and work very well. A small investment to make to protect the quality of your opened bottle of wine.  This air-removal process slows down the oxidation that makes wine go bad, so that you can enjoy your wine for a longer period of time.  Works with all varietals but is not intended for sparkling wines.  Does not include the pump.   Imported from the Netherlands.



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Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 1 in


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