Stainless Ball Valve for FUSTI TANKS WE729


Stainless Italian ball valve for use with Sansone Europa Fusti tanks. So far we know this fits the 20L, 50L and 100L.These tanks are often sold without the spigot, having only the 1/2″ Male BSPP plug.  What good is that?  The 3/8″ outlet barb swivels so you can have the barb pointing down no matter where the threads end up.  Includes the 1/2″ Male BSPP threaded stem, 304 stainless steel spigot, threaded locking ring and o-ring.  3/8″ connection on outlet, requires a hose clamp to secure tubing.

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I don’t know why other sellers don’t include the spigot with the tank, we do.  The spigot is an essential part of the Fusti in that it controls the stopping and releasing of the liquid in the container.  If you are getting your Sansone Europa Fusti from us it will come with the spigot.

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