SAAZ 8 OZ NOBLE HOPS Hop Pellets Bohemian Czech


Here’s an 8 ounce factory foil pack of dual-purpose SAAZ Czech hop pellets from BSG Hops.  This is a very mild, pleasant hop.  This hop is used extensively in Bohemia to flavor beer styles such as the Czech pilsener and the original Budweiser.

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SAAZ:  Saaz hops are one of the NOBLE HOPS from Czechloslovakia and are the Quintessential Czech pilsner hop.  It was named after the Czech city of Žatec (German: Saaz).   Saaz has a very distinctive flavor. When used in beer, the resultant aroma is very mild, earthy, herbal and spicy. Despite its popularity and noble pedigree, Saaz generally has a very low Alpha Acid level and is not very effective as a bittering hop. This hop is generally used for Bohemian style lagers and pilseners.
IMPORTED FROM Czechoslovakia!  This hop is a little different than the less expensive US variety.  Spend 25 cents a pack more and get the true noble hop for your lagers!

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