KOMOS® Premium DUAL BODY (4 GAUGES) PRIMARY REGULATOR For CO2 Gas Dispensing of Soda and Beer – Control 2 Kegs at different pressures!


Send different pressures to two separate kegs from the same CO2 tank with the KOMOS Dual Body Regulator. Dispense one and force carb one!  The KOMOS industrial gauge regulator aims to be the last regulator you’ll ever need. Large body and precision diaphragm provide high flow rates, and pressure settings are quickly and easily dialed in the with hand knob. The pressure gauges are made from thick stainless steel and come with rubber bumpers for an extra layer of protection. Triple-scale dial faces read in psi, bar, and kPa. Comes with 1/4″ flare fitting with barbed outlet. Included Duotight adapter allows the regulator to be easily used with EVABarrier draft tubing. You will just need an adjustable wrench to tighten the lock-down nut.  You can feel the heft of this unit at almost three pounds and if your Co2 tank is correctly chained to the wall it should last you a very long time.  Has a check valve to prevent beverage backflow into the regulator.

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This regulator has the dual gauges for high side and low side on both regulator bodies.  You have one dial that shows the pressure going to your keg and one dial that shows remaining pressure in the tank.  It is important to set the pressure in your keg correctly for the style of beer you are dispensing.  You also need to know how much pressure is left in your Co2 tank so that you are not let down during an important party!  Connection to the tank is sealed with an ultra durable nylon gasket.  This regulator has a barbed output allowing you connect a variety of gas line types easily. There is a shutoff valve so you can relieve the pressure and easily switch kegs and tanks.

  • Heavy duty construction with heavy duty dual gauges.  Handles 60psi
  • Big body for less pressure fluctuation
  • Large adjustment knob, highly accurate precision diaphragm with lock ring, no tool required
  • Shut-off valve has a check valve built in that prevents beer back-up into the regulator
  • Outlet barb sized for use with 5/16” ID gas hose
  • Regulator has a pressure safety system with blow off at 65 PSI
  • Permanent seal at the inlet nipple provides enhanced protection of leaks
  • Eliminates the need for fiber washers upon refill.
  • Made in accordance with AS 4267
Why is my regulator pressure creeping up?  Gas regulators are designed to do precisely that—regulate gas pressure—so it can be cause for concern when you notice your gas pressure “creeping up”. Sometimes this happens naturally over time and use, but for new regulators it’s more commonly attributed to cold temperatures. If you store your CO2 tank and regulator inside your kegerator, the rubber on the diaphragm can become stiff and pressure adjustments take a few hours to stabilize. We recommend setting your regulator at 2-3 PSI below your desired setting, then wait a few hours for the setting to stabilize. Each time you make an adjustment, wait a few hours before re-adjusting. With some trial and error, you’ll see that your new regulator can work just fine at colder temperatures.

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