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Here’s a one ounce factory pack of the most famous and honored English hop grown in the US Pacific Northwest for a unique take on this English Classic.  Fuggles have a pleasant taste but it is all about the aroma that will remind you of fresh air and country living.  Fuggles are known for full bodied flavor in traditional ales.  Fuggle Hops were a cornerstone of English brewing 100 years ago.  Typically found in English-style beers (particularly Stout) and American Ales.  The aroma is earthier and less sweet than Kent Goldings, but the two pair well together.  Specific aroma descriptors include mild, wood, grass, mint, floral, spice and slight herb.  UK Fuggles are very traditional and Old World, and these USA ones are bigger more fruit driven hops of the New World.

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Fuggles have a high carryophyllene and farnesene oil content, a combination that brings a herbal and woody type of aroma to the finished brew.  Fuggles are not winning any awards for being new or different but they are familiar and reliable. 
These hops are packaged near the farm by a coop owned by the farmers, YCHHOPS®.  This company was formed from the merger of Yakima Chief and Hop Union.   These are professionally packed hops in a nitrogen flushed light and oxygen barrier foil pack and they will remain usable for a long time. 
UK FUGGLE:  Discovered as a chance seedling in 1861.  It was found growing ‘wild’ in the hop garden of George Stace Moore in Kent, Engand and introduced commercially by Richard Fuggle in 1875. Fuggles were once the most prominent English hop, accounting for 78% of production in 1949. The variety is now also grown in the United States, primarily in Oregon, and displays slightly stronger characteristics than the English version. Styrian Goldings are Fuggle hops grown in Slovenia.  Fuggle is often compared to and used with Golding hops.  Specific aroma descriptors include mild, wood, grass, and mint.  Fuggles are the genetic mother of the wonderful Willamette.  Levels vary between batches and may not be exactly as stated but will generally be within the ranges stated below.
BETA ACID  2-3.5%
TOTAL OIL  0.5-1 mL/100g
WHERE TO TRY THEM:   Fuggles are usually present in the more traditional English pints.  Think “Best Bitter”.  In the USA, some of the best are Goose Island Oatmeal Stout and their Nut Brown Ale,  Shepherd Neame IPA, and Free State Brewing Ad Astra Ale.  In the UK, Ringwood, Courage, Theakston “Old Peculiar” and Fullers all still use them.


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