HEAT PAD for Home Brewing and Plant Propagation 25W 11″X11″


Here’s a handy brewing gadget that will raise the temperature of your primary fermentation bucket about 10 degrees above room temperature.  Typically this heater pad will maintain a temperature of 75-80° F (23-27°C).  Most air-conditioned homes are too cool, and this heating pad is the perfect solution when you need a little extra heat to keep your fermentation warm enough.  Standard USA 110v plug-in.

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This simple pad unit produces 25 watts of heat right where you want it. Instead of having to raise the temperature of the room or find a warm spot, just set the pad under your bucket, plug it in, and the temperature will be perfectly maintained for a rapid and complete fermentation. 
This simple device is a rubber pad with coated wire heating element.  Just set your bucket on it and ferment!  It is not thermostatically controlled but you can add your own thermostat in case it gets too warm. Has a safe high quality molded plug in 110v AC.
This unit is not designed for wet areas, glass carboys, or to be immersed in liquid.  The bucket, lid and airlock shown are for demonstration purposes and are NOT included..

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