FINE WHISKY YEAST from Still Spirits – Perfect for American Whiskey in Pot Stills 20g Pack Makes 6.6 Gallons


Supercharge your best tasting whisky production with a specialist whiskey strain “Still Spirits Whisky Distiller’s Yeast” now finally available from a USA based seller!  SS Whisky is a single culture strain with excellent performance under varied conditions.  It is noted for bringing forth the fine aroma and flavor of expensive whiskies with minimal aging.   If you are running a Pot Still to produce a fine flavored Whiskey this is the stuff you should try. One packet contains 20 grams of yeast and makes 6.6 gallons.  

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  • Premium Distillers Whiskey Single-Strain Yeast from Still Spirits 20g Pack
  • For fermentation of up to 6.6gals of sugar, malt extract or grain mash.
  • Optimized for elegant, rounded, refined whiskey for oak aging. 
  • Use for all types of Whiskey, Bourbon, Malt and Rye 
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 15% ABV Temperature Range: 20-35C (68-95F) Attenuation: 90-100% (Low-High) Flocculation Rate: Medium

Many years of research and development have gone into this product.  What they were going for was a good American, Scotch or Irish whisky.  This stuff was developed in New Zealand where home distillation is completely legal.  This yeast is very clean and is not overloaded with nutrients.  

A pure culture Whisky Strain of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae used widely in commercial whisky, with robust and authentic aromatics even in high-alcohol fermentations. Includes the advantage of complete nutrition and amyloglucosidase. This enables both complete dextrin conversion of malt or grain for maximum yield as well as rapid fermentation to 15% ABV which is very high for standard whisky “low beers”.

Fermentation can be violent – do not use an airlock for the initial period of fermentation as the extreme CO2 pressure will just blow it off. Just cover with a clean cloth and secure with rubber bands like a drumhead.  Product contains an anti-foaming agent, so you should be able to ferment a 6.6 gallon batch in a 7.8 gallon bucket.  Follow directions and pay close attention to temperatures (68-82f) for best results.

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