Danco Deluxe FAUCET ADAPTER Chrome Kitchen Sink Faucet TO GARDEN HOSE THREAD ADAPTOR 10513


Here’s a handy adapter for your kitchen sink faucet so that you can attach standard homebrew accessories like carboy/bottle washers, wort chillers, and bucket filling hoses.  This is the LOW PROFILE adapter for semi-permanent installation – you can hardly tell it is on there.  We also sell a deluxe adaptor with ribbed grip perfect for when your done and want to put the aerator back on.   See our other items.  Either one fits almost all USA kitchen sink faucets and all homebrew accessories.  Chrome finish matches your fixture and does not distract from the appearance of your kitchen.  Also useful for watering plants inside the house with a hose!

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Converts standard kitchen faucet spout with 15/16″ outside threads or 55/64″ inside threads to 3/4″ Male hose threads. Comes with two washers.
1.  INSTALLATION:  If you will be taking it off and putting it back on frequently don’t screw it on so tight.
2.  DAMAGED THREADS:  Avoid messing up the threads – If you must use a pliers to take it off, it is a common handyman skill to put a strip of cardboard like a cereal box top flap on it so that you don’t scratch your threads.
2.  YOUR PLASTIC KITCHEN FAUCET:  Do not overtighten you WILL crack the faucet.

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