Brewtan B – 1 Oz Pack Beer Tannin For Improved Shelf Life, Stability, & Flavor (Formerly called Tanal B)


Brewtan B is a light colored natural tannic acid developed for brewing beer.  Brewtan B increases shelf life and adds colloidal and flavor stability to your beer.  The gallotannins in Brewtan B react with wort proteins through adsorption (adhesion of atoms) and precipitation.  Does not affect flavor or color the Brewtan B/protein complex is left in the spent grains when Brewtan B is added to the mash or removed in the whirlpool when it is added to the boiler.

Brewtan B is highly effective at coagulating and flocculating proline and thiol containing proteins, but does not interact with foam-positive proteins.  This in turn inhibits downstream lipid and protein oxidation, improving flavor stability and shelf life.

“BrewTan B promotes clearer beer with a longer life. My own tests with it have shown that it helps keep the malt and hop flavor in the beer much longer than beers made without it. I’m at the point where I won’t brew without it.” – Denny Conn

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Dosage rates:

  • During The Mash: 8 grams per barrel of mash (8 g/1.17 hL), or 1/4 tsp per 5 Gallons.
  • During the Boil: 5 grams per barrel of wort (5 g/1.17 hL), or 1/2 tsp (per 5 Gallons) dissolved in small portion of hot water, then added to boil.

Note: Add Brewtan BEFORE adding Whirlfloc/Irish Moss/Kettle Break.


Dissolve powder in warm water; add solution to mash, boil, or both.

  • In the mash: Add solution to mash water prior to dough-in.
  • In the boiler: Add solution 0-5 minutes prior to end of boil.


1 year, stored in airtight container in cool environment


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