APRICOT FLAVOR BREWER’S BEST 4 oz Flavoring for Beer Wine Shine Soda Candy


Here’s a 4 oz vial of ALL NATURAL APRICOT FLAVORING for soda, mead, beer, wine, and moonshine.  Exceptional and prize winning in wheat beers.  These excellent extracts are unsweetened and non-fermentable.  Flavor is added just before bottling.  You can bottle part of a batch, add flavoring, and bottle the rest of the batch.  This makes it easy to bottle half unflavored and the rest flavored.  For soda wine and moonshine you add it to taste to get the taste you want.  In beer most instructions call for a little more prominence, around 1 oz per gallon but go easy at first.   LD Carlson factory packed and labeled.  Only natural ingredients are used in this flavoring.

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These products are great for adding higher fruit notes to any homebrew beverage – beer, mead, wine, or shine!  Also excellent for lip balm and all your cooking, baking and candy making: hard candies, frosting, bonbons, cakes, cookies, fudge, puddings, taffy, and ice cream!  In beer fruit flavor can be added to any style and is traditionally added to wheat beers, blonde ales, porter, and stouts – Experiment!

USAGE:  Experiment.  Always start lower than recipe states.  Mix it in well.  Directions say start around 0.25% by volume. When you just want to add the “notes” use half that.  For full flavor 4 oz per 5 gallons is recommended when the flavor added is to be the primary flavor.  For more intensity you can go as high as 5-7 oz in 5 gallons but this may overwhelm the more subtle flavors.  Try dumping 1/4 bottle in 5 gallons or 1/8 in 2.5 gallons, and sample.  Need more? Keep adding quarters or eighths until you get what you want.

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