ACID BLEND 4oz Brewcraft Fresh Citric-Malic-Tartaric Acid Blend


Here’s a fresh 4oz factory packed pouch of food grade acid blend from BrewCraft.   You get more in this larger size small pack and pay the same!  Acid blend is a balanced mixture of citric, malic and tartaric acids used to raise acid level in wine, beer, and hydroponics. Acid Blend is used extensively in making candy.  We sell several brands but this is the best value size if you won’t use up a pound.

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This is a blend of the three primary acids found in fruit. It contains: 45% Citric acid 45% Malic acid and 10% Tartaric acid. Experiments have shown that acid deficient musts will do better when a blend of these acids are added.

Citric adds the “brightness” that comes from citrus fruits, and adds tartness that we expect from oranges or lemons.  If you are working with older recipes that call for ‘the juice of one orange’, substitute 1 tsp acid blend.  Malic acid gives the “rounder” more mellow type of acidity and is primarily found in apples.  Tartaric acid is only found in grapes.  Tartaric acid adds “vinosity”, reminding us of other wines we have enjoyed so what we’re drinking tastes “correct”. 
Acid blend is typically used in wines that are naturally lacking in acid. Wines that are too low in acid are flat tasting.  Acid Blend adds a liveliness to the wine and helps to bring out the fruity flavors. Also, having the proper level of acidity will help to establish a vigorous fermentation.  Acid blend is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture from the air.  Acid blend that has been exposed to moisture loses potency quickly and large ‘rocks’ will form making it difficult to measure accurately.  For this reason we sell only the vacuum sealed 1lb factory packs.  Comes bag-in-bag, keep double sealed when not in use.  

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