5 PACK Brew Hauler Carboy Carrier Straps


Here’s The Original MADE IN USA Brew Hauler®, not the cheaper imported copy!  This patented two handle strap design makes moving a full 3-7 gallon carboy easy!  This is the only device we know of that is rated for a FULL carboy.  The strap material is washable and bleach resistant making cleanup a breeze!  The clasp design makes adding and removing the Brew Hauler incredibly quick and simple, and once added onto your carboy, never needs to be removed – other than if you choose to clean it.

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“I had read lots of the stories online but I was like .. nah I am careful and I WAS being careful .. it was wet and it just slipped and man there is no catching it mid air… it was gone… boom…”  “my left hand has several cuts and I bled really bad…”

The Brew Hauler Nylon Strap type Carboy carrier was designed and patented by a home brewer.  This innovative product reduces the danger and struggle of handling & moving heavy glass carboys.  The hauler can be easily moved from one carboy to another. Adjustable to fit on all standard size 3-5-6-6.5-7 gallon carboys. Safe and convenient!  The carboys in this description are pictured to show how the Brew Hauler is used and are not included.
The Brew Hauler is a very well made device consisting of heavy duty flat nylon webbing rated to 100 pounds.  It is strong enough to support a full carboy. There are two lift or carry straps that loop to form handles so that the carboy can be picked up and moved easily by one person even two people working together.  The handles connect to a stabilizing strap that goes around the carboy and size is adjusted with a nylon buckle. Three straps cross the bottom of the carboy providing six spokes that safely cradle the carboy.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in





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